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Agricultural Review | February 24, 2018

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2000 Series Early Riser Planters

2000 Series Early Riser Planters


  • High-Efficiency Planting

    • Combines a rugged row unit with the industry’s most accurate planting technologies
    • Quickly adapts to meet unique field conditions
    • Consistently accurate – no matter the speed or conditions
  • Customizable

    • Customized direct from the factory to meet any soil types and cropping practice
    • Precision Planting r-ball options to meet your unique planting needs
    • Crop protection and fertilizer application options available
  • Easy Maintenance & Adjustments

    • Tool-free crop changes and adjustments on many components
    • Simple, accessible T-handle depth adjustment makes changing seeding depth in 1/8-inch increments quick and easy

NEW FOR 2018

2140 Early Riser Pivot Fold Planter Delivers Split Row Configurations

2140 Early Riser Pivot Fold Planter Delivers Split Row Configurations
Expanding the 2000 series lineup, the new 2140 Early Riser planter adds ultra-narrow row spacing of 15-, 20- and 22-inch with split row configuration options, allowing producers to easily convert between crops. This planter is also designed with excellent ground clearance for unmatched terrain flexibility, a pivot fold transport package so producers can easily move from field to field and navigate tight field entrances, and a factory-integrated furrow system to apply in-furrow liquid fertilizer and granular chemical, reducing passes through the field.
  • Vertical Row Unit Travel

    16-inches of vertical row unit travel improves performance in varied terrain while providing greater clearance for residue managers. Cast-iron row unit is built with larger, common hardware and fewer parts.
  • Opening System

    Larger diameter and thicker Earth Metal® offset opener blades are agronomically designed to slice through residue and tough soil conditions.
  • Furrow Management System

    Pulled gauge wheels with soil relief grooves eliminate sidewall compaction and control soil flow through changing ground speeds. The furrow forming point creates the industry’s only flat-bottom seed trench.
  • Down Force Management

    Through up-or-down hydraulic pressure, automatic and row-by-row DeltaForce® achieves consistent weight on the gauge wheels for unparalleled depth control. Or select air down force with or without in-cab gauge wheel feedback.
  • Floating Residue Management System

    CleanSweep® air cylinders allow for in-cab adjustments of residue manager ride to accommodate soil and residue conditions.
  • Two-stage Closing System

    Inverted closing disks zip the trench closed, placing high-moisture soil directly onto the seed. The press wheel ensures proper seed-to-soil contact.

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