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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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ARBICO’s Beneficial Nematodes

ARBICO’s Beneficial Nematodes

ARBICO’s Beneficial Nematodes are live microscopic organisms (non-segmented round worms) that occur naturally in soil throughout the world. They are parasitic to insect pests that typically have a developing (larval or pupal) stage of life in the soil; however, they have been known to also parasitize above ground stages of adults, nymphs and larvae.

Beneficial Nematodes can be used anywhere developing pests exist: Backyards, flower and vegetable gardens, lawns, fruit and nut trees, vines, greenhouses, row crops, pastures and more.

After application, the nematodes immediately get to work. Upon finding a pest, they enter it through various body openings or directly through the body wall. Once inside, the nematode releases a toxic bacterium which kills the host larva within 24 – 48 hours. The bacteria creates a food source and a hospitable environment for the nematodes to reproduce. As the food resources within the dead pest become scarce, the nematodes exit and immediately begin searching for a new host.

It’s easy to apply nematodes. Simply mix nematodes with water and apply using a watering can, hose end sprayer, backpack or pump sprayer or through irrigation or misting systems. Before applying, make sure the soil is moist. Lightly water again after application.

When Should Beneficial Nematodes be Applied?
Since nematodes are alive and sensitive to light, apply them early in the morning or at dusk. Use beneficial nematodes whenever pest larvae or grubs are present, during the spring, summer and fall months. As pest larvae feed on plant roots beneath the soil surface, severe damage can be done before you realize you have a pest dilemma. If adult insects are present, their eggs, nymphs, larvae and pupae will soon be developing.

How Often to Apply:
For Treatment: Apply beneficial nematodes every 2 weeks until pest infestation subsides.
For Prevention: Apply at least 2-3 times per year in the spring, summer and fall.
Optimium Release Temperature: Apply when outdoor/indoor ambient temperatures range from 45° to 105° F pre-dawn or at dusk. Water before and after application.

Nematodes are considered to be one of the most lethal parasites known to kill plant pests. Depending upon the pest(s) you are treating, it can take from 2-30 days for you to see results. You will not see dead insect bodies as you would with a chemical knockdown. Instead you will notice less and less of the pest(s) over time.

Selecting the Right Variety of Beneficial Nematodes:
Use the quick reference table below:

Nematode Variety Use to Control

Mobile Pests: Fleas, caterpillars, cutworms, armyworms, sod webworms, fly larvae, worker/soldier ants and worker/soldier termites and more. Best Choice for Outdoor Flea Control.
Steinernema feltiae

Mobile Pests: Fungus gnats, ticks, thrips, leaf miners, onion maggots, root maggots, subterranean termites and more.Best Choice for Foliar and Greenhouse Applications.

Stationary Pests: Grubs, root zone weevils, citrus weevils, Japanese beetles, black vine weevils, ticks, queen ants/termites and more. Great for lawns, fields, pastures and orchards.
Combo Packs
NemaSeek™ & NemAttack™

Comprehensive control of general pest infestations. Includes one package of each type of beneficial nematode. Choose which combo pack to order according to the variety of NemAttack needed.

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