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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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BASF: Regent Insecticide

BASF: Regent Insecticide

Active Ingredients (Mode of Action)
Fipronil (gamma-amino-butyric acid [GABA] blocker)
Contact and systemic insecticide interferes with the passage of chloride ions in the central nervous system.

How Regent Insecticide Works

Regent insecticide is a premium seed treatment that offers superior seed safety and excellent protection from the most troublesome pests. At the heart of Regent is the active ingredient fipronil, which is currently registered for the control of more than 200 insect pests. Fipronil has set high standards with its solid track record of effective pest control and superior seed safety.With two forms of activity, fipronil ensures that Regent has maximal “stopping power” in the control of insects, including wire worm, seed corn maggot and Grape Colaspis, while suppressing grubs, flea beetles and thrips. Regent also ensures a premium level of seed safety that does not harm seed germination or viability while promoting vigorous plant growth, resulting in better stands and higher yields. Seed treated with Regent shows better emergence than untreated seed or seed treated with only a fungicidal seed treatment. Protect your crop from the start with Regent.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has advised BASF that its conditional registration for REGENT® 4SC for in-furrow corn application in the U.S. marketplace was allowed to expire on November 15, 2009. This decision does not affect the U.S. registration of REGENT 4SC for potato applications – REGENT 4SC remains authorized for use in potatoes with an unconditional registration.The EPA allowed the expiration of the conditional registrations for REGENT 4SC for in-furrow corn applications because it felt a number of viable alternatives exist for treating corn furrows for rootworm control.BASF will continue to manufacture REGENT 4SC for in-furrow use on potatoes only.
U.S. distributors and retailers can sell – and growers can use – REGENT 4SC labeled for corn in-furrow application until their stocks are depleted.
Any inquiries regarding REGENT 4SC not answered by the above should be directed to your BASF Sales Representative.

Problems Controlled

  • Seedcorn beetles
  • Seedcorn maggots
  • Thrips
  • Wireworms
  • Corn rootworm larvae, Northern
  • Corn rootworm larvae, Western
  • Corn rootworm larvae, Mexican
  • Corn rootworm larvae, Southern
  • European corn borer (first brood)
  • Common stalk borer
  • Chinchbugs
  • Grape Colaspis
  • Grubs
  • Billbugs
Row Spacing (inches) Row Feet/Acre (feet) Rate/1,000 ft

(fluid ounces/1,000 ft)


 (fluid ounces/acre)


30 17,424 0.24 4.16
36 14,520 0.24 3.47
38 13,756 0.24 3.29
40 13,068 0.24 3.12

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