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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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BASF Set To Release New Herbicide For Cotton In 2015

BASF Set To Release New Herbicide For Cotton In 2015

Cotton farmers can look forward to see new products coming out in time for the 2015 growing season. The BASF Corporation is anticipating the deregulation of dicamba tolerant cotton as well as the release of Engenia herbicide for use in dicamba tolerant cotton. BASF Technical Market Manager Chad Brommer said Engenia is BASF’s newest most advanced form of dicamba for difficult and even glyphosate-resistant broad leaf weeds.
“It’s going to help them maximize their yield by getting rid of these difficult broad leaf weeds and that’s going to transpire into lots more money,” Brommer said. “At least that is what we have seen in different systems so far. When we keep the fields clean using a pre-emerge herbicide with residual, then follow up with an early post application of Engenia, we’re taking out those weeds and we’re actually helping farmers because they have less to worry in their field and less late season or layby applications into the control the weeds.”
Radio Oklahoma Network’s Leslie Smith interviewed Brommer at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention earlier this month. Click on the LISTEN BAR below for the full interview.
With concerns with herbicide resistant weeds, Brommer said farmers have to be commitment has to be herbicide.
“The commitment here has to be that Engenia is a great broadleaf herbicide but it doesn’t exist alone in order to control broadleaf weeds in your production system,” Brommer said. “That’s why that pre-emegence production system with a residual, along with Engenia early post and then there are other things like our residual herbicide followed up with a layby application.

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