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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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Bayer CropScience: Leafshield system

Bayer CropScience: Leafshield system

Leafshield is an advanced new patented formulation system which has the following benefits:

  • It helps both active ingredients simultaneously attack difficult diseases like Septoria, Rhynchosporium and net blotch both on and inside the leaf.
  • It does this by further helping to harmonise the penetration and movement profiles of bixafen and prothioconazole.
  • This means the fungus is under dual attack at any part of its life cycle from two different types of fungicide, for maximum kill.
  • This provides a new standard of no-hassle ‘in-can’ resistance management for the most ‘at risk’ wet-weather diseases such as Septoria, Rhynchosporium and net blotch.

Leafshield also promotes near-complete leaf coverage even at low water volumes.

  • It does this by utilising a patented triple-adjuvant system which helps the spray droplet stick onto waxy leaf surfaces and also on to the fungus. Leafshield also has a remarkable ability to rapidly spread spray droplets over large leaf areas for quick and efficient coverage. It also utilises film-forming technology, which as well as enhancing the penetration of active ingredients, secures a long-lasting protected surface reservoir of active ingredients to drip-feed into the leaf.
  • The Leafshield system within Xpro technology fungicides is so good, it works even with fast moving sprayers, and different nozzle types or flow rates.
  • Its also makes Xpro fungicides rainfast within minutes, for even more peace of mind.

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