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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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Bluetooth lawn tractors

Bluetooth lawn tractors

Cub Cadet has launched an innovative new feature on several of its lawn tractor models: Bluetooth connectivity. They’re calling it Cub Connect, which is a system that syncs the machine’s performance information to a mobile app. It’s currently available on the Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series, and for this year, it will also come to select RZT models.

The app keeps track of the tractor’s maintenance needs and lets the operator know when it’s time to check the machine’s oil, air filter, blades and batteries. A user can also access how-to guides for performing each of those tasks or locate a local dealer and schedule a service appointment. Through a logging system, the service history will be recorded.

The operator scans the serial number on the tractor, and the app pulls up its information. On the app’s dashboard, a Bluetooth indicator will display in blue once the app is connected to the machine. When a user receives an alert that a maintenance task should be performed, he or she visits the app dashboard, selects the part that needs attention, and then taps the “Do It Yourself”

Cub Cadet says this technology is an industry first. Cub Connect has been named a 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards finalist.

button. Otherwise, service can be requested from a local dealer. Once maintenance has been performed, the user lets the app know by logging the information into the maintenance records. If there is a maintenance task not listed, the user can add a record for such things, like adjusting tire pressure.

Another unique feature of the app includes the ability to purchase replacement parts, and they are specific to the Cub Cadet model that was originally identified. The operator’s manual is also available within the app for accessing detailed instructions about the machine.

The Cub Connect app is free to download and is available through iTunes and Google Play.

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