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Agricultural Review | January 22, 2018

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Chemtura: DoubleTake insecticide

Chemtura: DoubleTake insecticide

Wide Pest Control Spectrum:
DoubleTake™ covers all the key pests of your target crops offering a complete control for all major sucking and chewing pests as well as some specific mite species. It is effective in the control of a wide spectrum of pests including Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, Isoptera, Thysanoptera and Arachnida species. This control comes from direct contact or ingestion of treated foliage targeting all insect stages from eggs to adults including transovarian disruption in adults more than matching the activity spectrum and efficacy of any of the newly registered active substances.

Speedy Kill and Long Duration of Control:
DoubleTake™ is not only a quick knock down insecticide, controlling actively feeding pests but goes further by continuing to provide long lasting control of juvenile forms as well as controlling eggs present or laid after its application. The neuro-toxic quick knockdown effect is seen immediately while the residual chitin inhibition activity can provide pest control for several weeks. DoubleTake™ also assures performance under a wider range of climatic conditions, standing up to hot temperatures and heavy rainfall offering growers confidence that their pest problems will be controlled.

Favorable Environmental Profile:
DoubleTake™ matches the activity profile of past organophosphate based products and diminishing carbamate products without the associated mammalian toxicity. Despite its extended period of control, DoubleTake™ does not share the undesirable environmental persistence characteristics of the now redundant organochlorine products. The active ingredients in DoubleTake™ have never been implicated in any of the incidences of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.
Built-in Resistance Management:
A key feature of DoubleTake™ is resistance management. Unlike its single active competitors, DoubleTake™ has two actives with entirely different modes of action and different resistance mechanisms. This combination allows one active to provide cover for the other cleaning up any individuals which may otherwise have survived the action of the single active. While no one can be complacent about such an important issue, by using this combination in DoubleTake, Chemtura is taking important steps to contain resistance in your target crops.
Proven Yield Enhancement:
All trustworthy insecticides will improve yield by containing damage caused by insect infestations, but an added benefit of DoubleTake™ is the patented and potent stimulant effect diflubenzuron has on flowering crops which increases crop yields even when there is minimal or no pest pressure. Application timing is important for the yield benefit but by combining two complimentary active substances using Chemtura AgroSolutions market leading formulation technology the guesswork has been taken out of pest management giving growers the confidence that their yields will be maximized under any conditions.
DoubleTake™ :
Insecticide / Insect Growth Regulator. Initial USA registrations for use on cotton, peanuts, peppers and soybean with additional crops and country registrations to follow.
Active Ingredients: Diflubenzuron 22%, Lambda-cyhalothrin 11%

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