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Agricultural Review | January 22, 2018

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  • Highly efficient direct drive to the chopping unit
  • Optimum straight crop path from the intake rollers to the accelerator and discharge chute
  • Spacious VISTA CAB, CEBIS information and control system, TELEMATICS – online machine monitoring, QUANTIMETER with continuous dry matter measurement
  • The V-MAX knife drum sets the standard in terms of function, rigidity and maintenance
  • DYNAMIC POWER – helps save diesel in the partial-load range


JAGUAR 980-930

In the CLAAS JAGUAR, everything works together optimally – and every detail helps to ensure that you get what you expect from a leading forage harvester: cost-effective chopping to the highest professional standards under all field conditions.

JAGUAR 980-930 series – engine data.


Model Engine Type Horsepower (ECE R120 @ 1,800rpm)
JAGUAR 980 V12 884 hp
JAGUAR 970 V8 775 hp
JAGUAR 960 V8 653 hp
JAGUAR 950 V8 598 hp
JAGUAR 940 V8 510 hp
JAGUAR 930 R6 456 hp

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