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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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ClAAS: Precision agriculture

ClAAS: Precision agriculture

Machine Automation

Long days in the field are vastly improved through superior automation technologies. E.A.S.Y. machine automation solutions work to make the most of your CLAAS machines and the time you spend in the cab.

Cruise Pilot

Automatic forward travel control.

The CLAAS CRUISE PILOT option automatically controls the harvesting speed for best results. Depending on the travel mode, the system monitors multiple parameters simultaneously including: ground speed, crop volume in the feederhouse, engine load and grain losses. The following user defined preferences are available:

  • Constant speed
  • Constant throughput
  • Constant throughput with losses

To enable superior control of productivity with the LEXION, you can set a maximum speed and control response at five levels with quick, easy operation via the HOTKEY. CRUISE PILOT anticipates peak system loads before they occur to maximize output efficiency. This keeps the LEXION running consistently at the upper limit of productivity at all times and gives you better harvest results.

CEMOS Dialog

The CEMOS Dialog machine optimization system serves as the operator’s trusted and reliable advisor. The system motivates operators to optimize machine output with a range of situation-specific settings, enhances their abilities, and provides additional options for increased throughput and lower losses.


CEMOS AUTOMATIC is a self-adjusting function available for small grains (wheat, canola and barley) that continuously adjusts residual grain separation and cleaning and thereby permanently optimizes the machine for the prevailing harvesting conditions. As a result, the machine is able to automatically deliver maximum throughput while maintaining the highest standards of grain and sample quality, at the same time keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. All the operator has to do is activate the automatic functions. The machine then adjusts the following system settings automatically:

  • Rotor speed (residual grain separation)
  • Rotor cover position (residual grain separation)
  • Fan speed (cleaning system)
  • Upper sieve opening (cleaning system)
  • Lower sieve opening (cleaning system)


Automatic filling of transport vehicles for greater ease of operation. The integrated camera monitors the fill level and volume, and uses the data produced to calculate the optimum location for further filling – hits the mark every time.


The ejector chute control system ensures that the transport vehicle is filled smoothly and evenly. The crop stream is carefully positioned to prevent unevenly sized crop heaps from accumulating or empty corners remaining.

The operator has a choice of four optimization strategies:

  • Maximum throughput
  • Minimal fuel consumption
  • High grain quality
  • Optimum balance

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