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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Cropio: Field recording service

Cropio: Field recording service

We continue the series of Cropio products with a review of its new Field recording service.

Field recording service is а cloud based agricultural information management system tailored for the needs of companies involved in land cultivation. In other words, -it is a well-organized database system with built in analytical tools.

Practical applications

Cropio tried to solve a quite specific requirement of for all farmers that cultivate land – accurate and complete record keeping. Not a precise comparison, but it provides a more in depth understanding of what it is all about: almost all modern vehicles, including tractors, have built-in record keeping systems that save all the information about when and what was done to the vehicle: regular service, ODO, usage time, fuel consumption and many other criteria.

When you harvest land (regardless of weather you are a farmer or large agricultural company) you keep records on your fields consisting of: soil tests, crop rotation, yields, fertilizer usage, precipitations, sowing/harvesting date, etc. Usually, all information is kept in different forms and places: some in accounting systems, some in separate databases, and some in the form of a hardcopy.

Cropio allows for the possibility of keeping all information in one place – a well structured database specially tailored for record keeping and accommodating all information related to land cultivation.

Information storage options

The system is very simple to use. Key record unit are in individual fields in relation to which you can keep all information:

  • Soil tests;
  • NPK deficit;
  • Crop rotation;
  • Fertilizer and other chemical usage;
  • Yields;
  • Yield Maps;
  • Precipitation;
  • Weather information;
  • Work performed on the field;
  • Equipment used;
  • Field shape files;
  • Field images.

Downloadable information:

  • Manually
  • From other databases;
  • From external sources (e.g. meteo stations, soil types, crop elements consumption, other sources).

All information is conveniently organized in web interface and easily extracted, filtered and sorted.

Not only a database

The system does not only store information, but uses it for further analysis. Based on soil tests, the system for example, generates NPK stabilization recommendations (how many micro and macro elements to add to soil before beginning of the season).

In addition, the system produces different reports for fertilizer application, chemical requirements, yield reports and many other views.

System access and storage capacity

The system is accessible from anywhere with Internet access. There is no need to buy expensive computers or servers and it is not necessary to carry notebook with you.

Standard storage size is 32 Gb of storage capacity with 10 Gb back up facility – more than enough even for large agricultural companies.


Price is set up on the level of USD 99 per month per 32 Gb of storage package plus preinstalled software – it is a competitive price for equivalent sized cloud storage. In other words, if you need good quality cloud storage, with pre installed agricultural record keeping and analysis  – it is excellent opportunity to save money and get specialized agricultural service software.

Cropio field management system users can access and utilize the Field recording service  without paying a charge.

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