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Agricultural Review | January 21, 2018

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DuPont Coragen

DuPont Coragen

DuPont™ Coragen® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® uses a breakthrough mode of action to deliver remarkable protection against biting and chewing pepper pests.As part of an IPM program, Coragen® helps optimize yield and quality with reliable, consistent control of major pests on pepper crops.

Exceptional Control of Major Worm Pests
Controls beet armyworm, European corn borer, many leafminers (larvae), loopers, tomato fruitworm, tomato pinworm, western yellowstriped armyworm, silverleaf whitefly (nymph suppression) and more, Insects stop feeding in minutes, No mite or secondary pest flaring, Long-lasting protection – 14 to 21 days and longer and Rainfast when spray is dry. Application Flexibility; Shortest re-entry interval – 4 hours, Short pre-harvest interval – 1 day, First and only insecticide to control worms through drip chemigation and Registered for drip and foliar spray (ground and air)
Excellent Environmental Profile; Minimal impact on beneficials when applied at label rates
Great Fit in IPM Programs; Key component of effective insecticide spray programs in the Northeast, Central and South Florida, and North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, An integral part of spray programs that include DuPont™ Lannate® LV ,DuPont™ Lannate® SP , DuPont™ Vydate® L , DuPont™ Asana® XL and DuPont™ Avaunt®
Complements Disease Control in Peppers; Improved bioactivity for more disease control per pound with DuPont™ Kocide® fungicide/bactericide and Control and suppression of important fungal diseases, including anthracnose, with DuPont™ Tanos® fungicide.

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    can you give me more infor.. about coragen made from where ? the price for 1 liter and how can we contac

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