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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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EM1 oil &Crop 20 Litre

EM1 oil &Crop 20 Litre

A certified organic product, EM1 Soil & Crop, works by getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended.

The Microbes in this technology have demonstrated their effectiveness on ecosystem improvement of the soil micro flora, promotions of crop root development and recovery of polluted environments. This makes EM ideal in soil rejuvenation and extracting harmful chemical residues from our soils.

EM technology is a very low cost and effective microbial technology that can enhance your agricultural system in so many ways.

An EM1 Soil and Crop program will lead to:

  • Improved soil structure, leading to better aeration and water holding capacity
  • Improved nutrient availability, leading to lower fertilizer requirements, higher fertilizer utilization of applied inputs
  • Lower disease pressure by developing a disease suppressive soil
  • Higher yields
  • Lower requirements for pesticides
  • Improved quality of produce and greater storage ability
  • Improved animal performance by creating healthy living environments
  • Restoring waterways and enhancing riparian areas

How to use

Apply from 5-20 litres per hectare diluted with water (check with supplier for recommended rates).


  • EM1 Soil and Crop can be combined with other liquid fertiliser products such as fish and seaweed-based products
  • EM1 Soil and Crop can be enhanced and expanded by a secondary process using equal parts of molasses or raw sugar and water. Please visit our expanding page for further details.

When to apply

  • Apply at important plant growth stages
  • Apply with fertiliser to enhance effectiveness
  • Apply when incorporating crop residues and composting waste
  • Apply to effluent and waste water for odour control and effective treatment

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