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Agricultural Review | January 22, 2018

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GateKeeper crop farming software

GateKeeper crop farming software

Farmplan’s Crop software, GateKeeper, can help you manage field records, crop records and stock records.

The software can be used to plan for future seasons; monitor margins; review and compare input costs; and look at trends over a number of years.

Key features

Field records:

– crops
– applications
– harvest details
– soil analysis
– nutrient management plans
– field notes
– gross and net margin financial analysis
– crop performance

Manage field operations:

– collect health & safety, crop assurance and traceability details
– manage LERAP
– check pesticide applications against legal use criteria
– plan activities e.g. jobs, workplans
– calculate how much product you need for a job
– produce operation instruction/data recording sheets

Stock / produce management

– flexible price and quantity management for all inputs and outputs
– 4 price management options from simple price lists to full stock control


– full order processing or simple invoice entry as required
– record purchases and sales
– market produce
– buy and sell between contract businesses

Sharing information

– import recommendations directly from your agronomist
– export field information to your agronomist

Stock & product storage

Record where input and output commodities are stored, what is stored and how much is stored


– remote data back-up
– password protection
– user level permissions
– set organisation policies
UK pesticide database

Data derived from the UK pesticides database

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