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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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Kuhn: New Vari-Challenger semi-mounted variable-width plough

Kuhn: New Vari-Challenger semi-mounted variable-width plough

High work output is a major issue when it comes to increasing farm profitability and getting high-quality work done in the best possible conditions. To meet these demands, Kuhn is adding the Vari-Challenger to its range of semi-mounted variable-width ploughs. It’s available with seven to 12 furrows and is designed for medium- to high-powered tractors of 170hp to 540hp.

This model sets a new standard in semi-mounted, variable-width ploughs with rear body lift. It’s claimed to be unique in combining:

  • Robustness and reliability to provide many years of worry-free work – the robust character of the machine is provided by an extra-large beam (220mm square). Its reliability and reduced maintenance requirements are ensured thanks to the connecting rods being built into the structure.
The rear section of the larger plough models lifts out of work separately .
  • Simplicity when setting and operating, for optimised work time –working depth, levelling and offset adjustments are all made without the use of tools, in this way machine start-up is quick and efficient. The electrohydraulic turning over control system is safe and simple to operate for headland turns.
  • Versatility and high-quality operations in any conditions – for great rear body working depth control, Kuhn has developed an exclusive system of constant hydraulic pressure at the rear of the machine. This provides: ground hugging on uneven soil; regular working depth of all plough bodies; and protection of the plough structure when it is raised at the end of the plot.

This machine adapts to any working conditions in the blink of an eye (working depth, type of soil, plot layout and so on). Its Vari cut width is hydraulically and continuously adjustable from 25cm to 55cm.

An on-land working kit is available for the new Vari-Challenger from Kuhn.
An on-land working kit is available for the new Vari-Challenger from Kuhn.

With the objective of increased traction and reduced soil pressure, today’s tractors are often equipped with wide tyres (800 mm and over), twin or track tyres. The Vari-Challenger can be equipped with an on-land kit. No compromises have to be made with this kit as it can also work in-furrow when land conditions get more difficult.

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