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Agricultural Review | January 22, 2018

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Massy Ferguson DynaFlex – MF 9250

Massy Ferguson DynaFlex – MF 9250

 Meet the industry’s first draper header with a fully flexible cutterbar. This header increases cutting, conveying and feeding performance in soybeans and small grains.

  • Cutterbar flexibility provides precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil.
  • Mechanically driven drapers and cutterbar offer more torque without the need for a separate hydraulic system.
  • The DynaFlex system works by reducing the gaps between the cutter bar, reel, auger and feeder house and applying active control of the crop between transitions

Combine Mounting

Mounting is centrally located on the header to provide optimized feeding. The integral frame provides clean, easy mounting without additional hydraulic componentry so overall depth is reduced.


Flexible Cutterbar

Independent, dampened tilt arms provide a true flexible cutterbar. The tilt arms are evenly spaced every 30 inches and attach to sectioned float pads on the cutterbar.



The Massey Ferguson 9250 DynaFlex features a mechanical drive system. Dual PTO shafts drive the sickle and belts. The center conveyor belt and feed auger are driven from the right and left PTO shafts respectively.



The reinforced rubber draper belts convey material in an even flow to the combine feeding system. The side and center belts feature 1/2 inch tall cleats that provide positive yet gentle crop feeding.


Cutterbar Options

The 9250 DynaFlex can be ordered with either the DynaMax or the Schumacher (SCH) cutterbar. These options match the cutterbar to the farming operation.

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