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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Nero – a new herbicide

Nero – a new herbicide

The new unique mixture further comprising clomazone provides the farmer with an additional effect on particularly Galium aparine and Geranium species which are some of the most important broadleaved weeds in oilseed rape.

The combination of clomazone and pethoxamid makes the range of weeds controlled very broad and eliminates the need for tank mixing in the majority of oilseed rape fields.


Cheminova has demonstrated synergy between the two active ingredients in laboratory trials as well as in field trials. The synergistic effect present in the mixture means that we can lower the application rate while still maintaining the same high effect on the weeds. This is very positive seen from an environmental, but also from a cost effective perspective.

Cheminova has been granted patent protection for the mixture in several countries.

The Successor family is growing

Cheminova acquired the series of Successor herbicides with pethoxamid through the acquisition of the Stähler group, which is now fully integrated in the Cheminova organisation.

– It is an interesting group of products, says product manager Jesper Hildebrandt, – and we see the potential to develop further mixture products and formulation types to meet the market requirements.

Product innovation

Cleaver mixtures of two or more active substances with different modes of action are important elements in Cheminova’s strategy for bringing innovation into the market of crop protection products.  We want our products to be different from what is already there and to add value for the farmer.

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