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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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New 21st Century blade plow called the MINMIZER

New 21st Century blade plow called the MINMIZER

PREMIER TILLAGE (formerly DC Welding) of Quinter, Kansas, has recently introduced a new 21st Century.  It differs significantly from those which have been on the market for years.  Ultimately, it is a machine that conditions the soil and effectively kills those weeds which are now resistant to herbicides.

The all new torque free rockshaft design allows for precision depth control.  With this technology, you can plow shallower and do a more effective tillage operation than by running too deep.  This is the only machine that incorporates the picker mounts right into the frame.  This feature allows the plow to have a streamline look and adds weight in important places on the back of the 4 x 5 inch horizontal frame.  The 3/8 inch forward frame is geometrically designed to add strength as well as better balance to the plow.

New heavier constructed standards allow use in harder soil conditions or obstructions which sometimes becomes a difficult issue.  Stubble Treaders come standard on the plows

The MINIMIZER hitch is unique in that it connects to the frame in three places rather than two.  This advanced design allows for a stronger and more secure way of pulling the plow in the field and In transporting it between fields.  It utilizes 1 1/4″ hitch adjustment bolts with heavy duty bushings

The tires are wide-flat tread pattern units which give better traction and have a longer tire life.  They allow the plow to be pulled m ore easily when roading it from one field to the next.

With no turnbuckles or zerks on the plow and with a unique new secure and hidden bearing system which eliminates the need for greasing, time in tool preparation for use is minimal.

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