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Agricultural Review | January 22, 2018

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New Efficient specification expands choice and appeal of X7 Pro Drive

New Efficient specification expands choice and appeal of X7 Pro Drive

A wider choice of equipment and features has been introduced on McCormick’s X7 Pro Drive tractors with the launch of new Efficient models to complement the current full-specification Premiummachines.

The tractors come with gear pump hydraulics and a new front-axle suspension design on four-cylinder models, mechanical spool valves, a different lighting package and a new side-mounted console housing all the major controls. Lower prices reflect the difference in equipment levels.

“Many operators want a top-level specification with seat-mounted controls, electric spool valves, GPS steering and all the other features available with the currentPremium specification McCormick X7 Pro Drive tractors,” AgriArgo UK’s sales director and general manager, Ray Spinks, said. “But there are others who either prefer a simpler equipment package or feel the tractor’s workload doesn’t justify some of those features.”

The new Efficient specification caters for those operators and creates new price points for the four-cylinder and selected six-cylinder models, which will also broaden the appeal of the McCormick X7 Pro Drive range.

While there are changes to the hydraulics, front-axle suspension, lighting and cab interior, the Efficient models still feature the same highly effective Pro Drive transmission of the current tractors, with its smooth, adjustable power shuttle and push-button four-speed powershift and range shifting.

“The Pro Drive transmission is constantly highlighted by operators as an attractive feature of the McCormick X7 tractors because of its progressive gearing, silky smooth powershifts and effective road and field auto functions,” Mr Spinks adds. “So it continues in the same format in the Efficient models, with 24 speeds in both directions, a creep option providing speed reduction gears, and four-speed pto with ‘power’ and ‘economy’ gearing.”

The transmission is controlled as on Premium spec tractors by a comfortable fixed joystick carrying a roller switch to lift and lower the three-point hitch and buttons for the powershift and engine speed memory functions.

But the controller is mounted on a new side console rather than on the seat, along with three mechanical spool valve levers angled conveniently towards the driver for easy operation. An electric fourth valve is available as an option, operated by buttons on the multi-function controller, and optional electronic mid-valves come with a small joystick on the console for operating front-mounted implements or a McCormick MPower loader.

The console – located in a version of the Premiere cab with manual air conditioning, cool box, air suspension seat and hide-away passenger seat – also houses colour-coded dials for setting up the electronic rear hitch. There are safety flick switches for engaging and disengaging the rear pto – and the front pto when fitted – and levers for selecting pto speeds and the creep gearbox when installed.

Four-cylinder McCormick X7 Pro Drive Efficient tractors with 143hp, 160hp and 166/175hp BetaPower engines have gear pump hydraulics as standard delivering up to 88-lit/min. But for more demanding applications, they can be upgraded to a piston pump system (which is standard on six-cylinder Efficient models) with up to 123-lit/min output and a separate 44-lit/min pump dedicated to steering and auxiliary systems.

The lift capacity of the rear linkage is 6,300kg (upgradable to 9,300kg with the 100mm lift cylinder option) and a 3,500kg front hitch is available, with or without pto. Also up front is a new beam axle front suspension system for the Efficient models that enhances ride comfort, especially in partnership with the optional hydraulic cab suspension, and can also improve heavy draft traction over a rough field surface.

Prices start at £71,779 for the 131hp (rated), 143hp max McCormick X7.440 Pro DriveEfficient. A full-spec X7.440 Premium with larger tyres, front weights, climate control air conditioning and additional control functions is priced from £78,116, with ‘tech’ options including independent front axle suspension, Eco 40km/hr and 50km/hr transmissions, Data Screen Manager, Isobus and GPS steering available.

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