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Agricultural Review | January 22, 2018

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Nitrogen fertilizer: Triple Ten

Nitrogen fertilizer: Triple Ten

Triple Ten is a comprehensive, full-spectrum liquid fertilizer that uses state-of-the-art fusion to create the best overall fertilizer for both conventional and nutrition farming operations.

Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) combines a hot-mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements and natural growth promotants. These natural growth promotants include fulvic acid, seaweed fertilizer and vitamins.

what can it do for crops?

Triple Ten promotes healthy, vigorous growth, improved root structure, more even fruit size and better colour, early maturity, increased yield and quality, better taste and shelf life, broad-spectrum nutrition and plant growth promotion.

what’s in it?

Triple Ten contains a full-spectrum of nutrients, micronutrients, trace and ultra trace elements, fulvic acid, seaweed and and vitamins to promote primary and secondary plant functions, optimal immunity and highest production.

how should we use it?

Triple Ten can be used as a foliar, in fertigation systems or can be applied directly to the soil.  It can be used by itself or in rotation with other inputs such as Trio (CMB) on all crops at rates between 1-8 L/ac, depending on crop type, crop stage and application method.

– Healthy, vigorous growth.
– Improved root structure.
– More even fruit size and better colour.
– Early maturity.
– Increased yield and quality.
– Better taste and shelf life.
– Broad-spectrum nutrition and plant growth promotion.

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