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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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Semi-mounted plows Kuhn Manager/Challenger

Semi-mounted plows Kuhn Manager/Challenger

The KUHN MANAGER/CHALLENGER ploughs are designed for deep ploughing of medium-had and hard soils.

Competitive edges

  • semi-automatic coupling with a changeable height – procedure of hinge-plate and rassoedineniya is simplified;
  • the joint-joined frame with mechanical regulation of inflexibility of coarticulation provides inflexibility of construction;
  • the Patented screw-bolt safety devices on a break diminish the damage of bars during a wearing-out; 
  • dumps are made from steel of “Triplex” on monom in Europe hydraulic prese under davlenim 5000 tons;
  • index of hardness of dumps makes 9000 vikers – the highest in industry;
  • the cylinder of self-turning of single or double action does not require high pressure butter in gidrosisteme of tractor for gimbleting;
  • it is the Innovative construction of screw-bolt safety device: he works not on a cut, but on a break – deformation of corps is the same taken off, what is prolong the term of his service; it is Simplicity, efficiency and longevity; 
  • only the ploughs of Kuhn Manager and Kuhn Chalenger have a light cart with two supporting wheels;
  • there is possibility of addition of yet demihull.
Technical specifications
Type Semi-mounted turning
No. of shells 5-8 7-12
Maximum power per shell, kW/hp 22/30 26/35
Bolt rupture preventers Only on MANAGER Yes
Continuous run hydraulic preventers NSH Yes Yes
Coverage width, cm
Manually interchangeable 35-40(Т) and 35-40-45(NSH)
Adjusted in steps 35-40-45
Smoothly adjusted 30-50
Clearance under frame, cm 80 80
Distance between shells, cm 115 102
Frame square section, mm 180 220

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