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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Syngenta: MATCH® 050 EC

Syngenta: MATCH®  050 EC
Active Ingredient: Lufenuron
Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate 
Mode of Action: 

MATCH® is an acylurea insect growth regulator which inhibits chitin synthesis and thereby prevents Lepidoptera larvae from molting from one stage to another. It acts by preventing the formation of the new cuticle. It also acts on freshly laid eggs by preventing the larvae from hatching properly.




Local Recommendation:
Peas Cotton Leaf Worm 160ml/Feddan 21
Potato Cotton Leaf Worm 160ml/Feddan 21
Potato Potato Tuber Moth 160ml/Feddan 21
Strawberry Cotton Leaf Worm 160ml/Feddan 28
Sugar beet Cotton Leaf Worm 160ml/Feddan 14
Tomato Cotton Leaf Worm 40ml/100L 7
Olives Olive Fruit Fly 160ml/40 trap + 800 Food Attractant (FA) 5
Grapes Grapes Fruit Worm 40 ml / 100L 14

Main Benefits of Using MATCH® :

MATCH® is a reliable partner with a valuable residual activity providing long lasting effect on lepidoptera.

MATCH® works on Pyrethroid and OP resistant pest management that is a good tool for resistance.

MATCH® is characterized by its mode of action, its spectrum of control and selectivity profile that make it suitable for use in integrated pest management (IPM).

MATCH® has low water solubility and strong soil adsorption which prevents leaching into the soil.

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