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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Syngenta: Tilt Fungicide

Syngenta: Tilt Fungicide

TILT® is globally recognized as one of the most cost-effective fungicide options and helps crops achieve maximum yield potential, while improving crop quality. The quick plant uptake of the active ingredient in TILT®, propiconazole, ensures its good distribution in the plant tissue and protects it from being washed off. It is also well established as a mixing partner with over 30 recommended fungicides; more recently with azoxystrobin for use in corn as a crop enhancer.

The ideal, tried, tested and trusted mixing partner
Additional brands Tilt Super®, Alto® Super, Armure®, Quilt®
Active ingredient Propiconazole
Mode of action Stops the development of fungi by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes. Systemic compound with quick uptake and good acroperal translocation in the xylem, resulting in good distribution in the plant tissue and protection from being washed off.
Targets It ensures a curative and preventive control against rusts and leaf spot diseases.
Main crops Cereals, corn, rice, bananas, turf
Geography TILT® is registered for use on more than 40 crops all over the world.
Main customer benefits It achieves a high-level control in spraying programs. It contributes significantly to avoiding yield and quality losses. It offers maximum protection at a realistic cost.

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