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Agricultural Review | December 17, 2017

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This App Transforms Your Fields Into Test Plots

This App Transforms Your Fields Into Test Plots

For farmers who want an easier way to test inputs or practices on their own farm, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a mobile tool that may be of interest. The university announced earlier this year that resources from its on-farm research network are available on a mobile app, Nebraska On-Farm Research Net.

Users start by deciding what to test –fertilizer rates or fungicide comparisons, for example. The app enables them to create treatment strips and keep notes and photos throughout the testing period. When the trial concludes at harvest, users then input yield results. All data is easily exported to a Microsoft Excel file.

“The power of on-farm research is being able to sort out inherent field and environmental variability to determine if differences are the result of the treatment being studied,” says Laura Thompson, Extension educator. “This app makes it simple to set up and visualize a well-designed study that will address questions growers are interested in. This app is just one more way we are working with on-farm research participants to collect information that is important to them.”

The app is free to download on Apple and Android devices. Nor is it limited to only Nebraska farmers, adds Extension educator Brandy VanDeWalle.

“It is open for anyone to use!” she says.

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