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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Tomahawk 8500 Wide Body Feeder Bedder

Tomahawk 8500 Wide Body Feeder Bedder

Cornish machinery maker Teagle has added another model to its recently developed range of feeder bedders.

The new linkage-mounted T7100 joins the 2012-launched T8100 and T8500 in the Tomahawk line-up. It replaces the popular T808 and improvements include increasing the bale chamber capacity by 20%, according to the company.

Like its bigger brothers, the new Tomahawk uses Teagle’s Flowplus technology to improve the flow consistency of fodder materials leaving the discharge chute at low fan speeds.

The T7100 also gets modified bed conveyor slats and a high-flow hydraulic valve to improve the tumbling of material in the bale chamber for a consistent feed rate, says the company. A simplified bale restraint meters material flow and Teagle’s quick-release system should make life easier for the operator.

The new models are available with side or swivel chute, or Teagle’s Tomahawk Dual Chop system. The company also points out that cosmetic changes to the covers have improved visibility around the machine.

Handles all bales – round bales up to 5ft. In diameter/5ft. wide and all rectangular bales.
Minimum of shredding ideal for bedding loose housing
Self Loading provided by hydraulic rear tailgate
Heavy Duty Cross Beater meters material into the discharge rotor giving high throughput, even feed, even power requirement and the ability to deal with virtually all materials.

Trailed design and low power input enables use on relatively small tractors
Easy to operate hydraulically controlled swivel chute, with 280 ° of rotation

Electrically controlled hydraulic system for chute direction, tailgate operation and bale conveyor on’off speed enables cab windows to be kept closed.


  • Tailgate Extension for Straw Bales
  • In Line High Pressure Filter
  • Road Lighting Kit
  • Greedy Boards
  • 11.5 x 15 Wheel Equipment
  • 12.5 x 15 Wheel Equipment
  • Wide Angle PTO
  • Extra Blade Kit
  • Clevis Drawbar and Jack

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