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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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Trimble: EZ-Steer® system

Trimble: EZ-Steer® system

The EZ-Steer® system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a motor with guidance from any Trimble® display.While the EZ-Steer system keeps you on line, you can focus on many different tasks such as machine performance and improving job quality  and crop yields.
Improved Operations
The hands-free guidance enables you to reduce fatigue, improve safety on your farm, and focus
on the job ahead of you.

Easy Transferability
With installation in less than 30 minutes you can quickly move the EZ-Steer system from one vehicle to the next and get moving.
Quick Disengagement
The EZ-Steer motor also easily locks away from the steering wheel when not in use, allowing you to manually guide your vehicle at any time.
Increased Productivity
The EZ-Steer system can help you complete field operations more quickly, accurately, and efficiently compared to manual steering alone.
Display Compatibility
The EZ-Steer system is compatible with the Trimble TMX-2050™ display, FmX® integrated display, CFX-750™ display, and EZ-Guide® 250 system.

Enhanced Accuracy In Difficult Terrain
Improve your accuracy in rolling terrain and rough ground. T2® technology  sensors built into the EZ-Steer module calculate the roll angle of your vehicle to shift it on line—helping minimize skips and overlaps between each pass.

Supports A Variety Of Vehicle Types
• Tractors
• Articulated tractors
• Spreaders
• Floaters
• Tracked vehicles
• Self-propelled sprayers
• Combines
• Swathers
• Forage harvesters
• Windrowers

Guidance Accessories
Add any of our guidance accessories to further enhance your farming  operations.
• External lightbar to easily monitor the swath offline distance.
• Footswitch for an effective way to engage and disengage the steering system.

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