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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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UT100HP Series Tractors

UT100HP Series Tractors

UT100 Series tractor is developed on the basis of the Italian wheeled tractor chassis technology and adopts the British technology-based 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. It has a low specific fuel consumption and a desirable power economic efficiency. It has multiple gears and a wide speed range. Besides, it is flexible in steering and easy to operate. This Series tractor is used not only for working in dry and paddy fields, also for transportation and Construction use.
Product Advantages
1. CE, EPA Certified
2. Four-wheel-drive, Strengthen chassis and famous engine.
3. Equipped with famous engine, Lower oil consumption, high torque reservoir, excellent starting
4. Excellent working with draft control lever and position control lever, full hydraulic steering system.
5. Fashion shape, compound panel,comfortable side operation device.
6. ROPS, Canopy, Full sealed Luxurious Cabin with heater, A/C, Radio, CD Player, Creeper or Shuttle shift etc. can be selected
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