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Agricultural Review | January 23, 2018

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Chemtura agrosolutions: VITACON

Chemtura agrosolutions: VITACON

On its own, the fungicide ipconazole in our globally registered Rancona® brands provides a true advancement in the protection of plant health for a wide variety of seeds. Improving on the benchmark performance of Rancona products is a challenge but recent discoveries have shown that the addition of our traditional cornerstone SDHI fungicide carboxin, found in globally registered Vitavax® products, brings a new level of performance for the seed treatment industry.

Dry and Wet Climate Solution: In addition to a wide spectrum of disease control, these new combinations of ipconazole and carboxin provide exceptional stability of performance over a broad range of environmental conditions. The well known advantages from Vitavax for seedling establishment during the driest of conditions combined with the superior performance of Rancona under wet conditions where fungal attack is most aggressive offers valuable protection for your seed across a broad range of growing conditions. Growers will now have access to improved reliability of crop stand and enhanced yields, key factors in a successful crop. This is especially important with the shifting climate and weather variability within regions. The carboxin/ipconazole blends particularly address this issue, with the strength of ipconazole’s performance under wet conditions, and carboxin’s under dry.

Yield Enhancement: What else does this bring? Vitavax has delivered what has been known as “The Vitavax Advantage”, performance beyond expectations on improvements in vigor and yield of Vitavax treated crops, as a product growth regulant effect above and beyond the expected disease control. Greener, healthier crops, more uniform stands, and better yield across a very wide spectrum of disease and environmental conditions – all delivered in a targeted fashion.

Broad Crop Focus: Chemtura is in the process of bringing a variety of new products to the market, from flexible multicrop products for cereals, maize and soybean, to specialty crops with a target design for unique needs in crops such as peanuts and canola. All will perform to the highest possible level, deliver outstanding results and offer multiple modes of action for resistance management.

Supply Chain Flexibility: Commercially, it brings a unique and beneficial product of value through the distribution chain beyond the unique performance described above. Carboxin and ipconazole are two of the few broad spectrum fungicides that are safe and effective on both monocots and dicots – crops as diverse as wheat and soybeans. This offers one product targeted at the grower’s needs today but flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes in planting intentions, even changes half way through the planting season if the weather or market conditions dictate. Use of these market leading products will provide optimum performance delivered with Chemtura’s market leading formulation technology.

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