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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Cotton Picker CP690

Cotton Picker CP690

One man, one machine … one industry. Regardless of whether you’re picking cotton or stripping it, non-stop harvesting is now industry-wide thanks to the all-new CS690 Cotton Stripper and the improved CP690 Cotton Picker, our replacement for the original non-stop harvester, the revolutionary 7760. First of its kind in stripper cotton country, the CS690 features 530 peak horsepower, a powerful cleaner offering 1,000-plus pounds-a-minute of rated throughput, and 10-percent more air system capacity versus its cotton stripper predecessor. Even better we’ve taken the baskets, boll buggies, tarps and more out of your operation, as well. We didn’t forget about owners of our original non-stop harvesting system. The upgraded CP690 raises the 7760’s harvest speed by five percent. Plus, we added a new CommandCenter touchscreen display for easier operation. Add in a new anti-slip regulation to give you superior traction control. Not to be missed, the CP690 showcases six-percent more horsepower to give you 590 hp at peak performance. The CP690 and CS690: fuel, labor, and machine savings that are unrivaled in the market – for the entire market.

Take into account the savings

Take a look in your machine shed. Now take a look at your ledger. Trying to find an area to help reduce some costs? Try this on for size: let’s nix those boll buggies, get rid of the module builders, and maybe sell off a couple of those tractors – or at the very least cut down on some machine hours. How’s that ledger looking now? Well, there’s more.

Let’s cut your labor force down to a mere fraction, lower your insurance premiums, and keep a ton of leftover fuel at the pump. Now check the ledger once more. Looking better? Good. Let’s keep going.

With the ability to harvest more efficiently in adverse conditions, such as high winds, you can get the crop out of the field in the optimal window more quickly and easily, allowing you to maintain the lint quality you demand. As we all know, higher lint quality means higher profits. There’s also less cotton loss in the field due to transfers from your basket machine to the boll buggy. And we’ve reduced transport loss to the gin yard, as well as loss from bad weather.

So when you take all these savings into account, John Deere Cotton Harvesters truly help put the ‘edge’ in your ledger.

When we say the CP690 is the ‘most powerful,’ we’re not kidding. You won’t find another cotton picker in the world sporting 590 peak horsepower – 560 hp nominal with 30 hp boost – that’s strong enough to get you through the toughest harvesting conditions, and then some. Best of all, it’s packed into a new 13.5L Tier 4 John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine … an engine that’s as easy on your harvesting system as it is on the eco-system.

Add to that the fact that with the CP690 we’ve raised sync-speed harvest to 4.4 mph and bumped up scrapping speed to 5.3 mph. So with all this extra speed, you’ll still yield four bales an acre, yet finish sooner. If that’s not a win-win, then what is?

  • Improved non-stop round module harvesting with 4.4 mph max row unit sync speed
  • 13.5L Tier 4 engine with 590 peak horsepower
  • Next generation ProDrive™ with anti-slip regulation
  • New Premium LED lighting package
Power Train
Cooling System Rotary Screen
YesGround Level Access to Coolers
Fuel System Type
Electronic unit direct injectionGovernor
ElectronicOn Board Diagnostics
Hydrostatic System Type
Hydrostatic/Mechanical Drive
Wet, Multiple disk
Tires Standard Drive Tire
520/85R42 (20.8R42) R1WOptional Drive Tires
520/85R42 (20.8R42 R2Dual Wheels
YesDual Tire Size (Standard)
520/85R42 (20.8R42) R1WDual Tire Size (Optional)
520/85R42 (20.8R42) R2Standard Steering Tire
IF580/80R34 (R1W)
Rear Wheel Drive Yes (full time)

On-Board Module Builder

Module Shape Round/Cylindrical
Module Dimensions Up to 94 in. (239 cm) diameter X 96 in (244 cm) wide
Module Weight 4500-5500 lb
2041-2495 kg
Unload on-the-go Yes
Wrap system carrying capacity 120 Portions

Row Units

Configurations Number of Rows
30, 36, 38, 40 in.
Picking Units Style
In-line spindle-type picking unitsUnits Available
2Bars Front and Rear
16 Front Drum, 12 Rear DrumSpindles per Bar
20 (PRO-16)Doffer Pads
UrethaneMoistener Pads
20Unit Drive Protection
Slip clutch

Tank Capacities

Fuel Tank 370 gal.
1400 L
Moistener System Quick Fill
1363 L
360 gal.
Lube 257 L
68 gal.

Hydraulic System

Pump Type Pressure
3050 psi
210 barFlow
59 gpm
223 L/min
Pressure/ flow compensated


Lengths Overall Length
399 in.
10135 mmWheel Base
170 in.
432 cm
Heights Transport Position
4407 mm
173.5 in.
Weights 6-Row
29937 kg
66000 lb

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