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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Crop Water Use App – The Solution to Your Irrigation Problems

Crop Water Use App – The Solution to Your Irrigation Problems

Water is possibly the most important factor that can affect your precision agriculture. It has the power to make or break your harvest.

Irrigation is the seemingly simple solution to this farming problem, yet so much can still go wrong. It’s just not as simple as adding more water when the soil is dry and arid when there is less natural rainfall. The science behind effective irrigation is much harder to get your head around and at times, almost impossible to predict.

Luckily, there is now an easier way. The University of Missouri has released an app to help you plan your irrigation for smart agriculture that makes your farm super-efficient.

3 Benefits of the New App

Accuracy. The app is specifically designed to take care of all the complex calculations and science behind irrigation scheduling and techniques – removing the possibility of human error, the app can be trusted to give you the accurate figures you need.

Personalised Assistance. The app works by using your field’s location to pinpoint the weather pattern. Inputting details about your crops and soil texture as well as the date they will be planted allows the app to create a personal schedule that can tell you how best to use your irrigation techniques and when to expect crop growth.

Increase Efficiency. By planning your irrigation schedule based on weather patterns, soil quality and crop type, you can ensure that your farm runs efficiently. Saving you time working it all out by yourself and saving money by only using irrigation when it is truly needed.

Where Can I Get the App?

Currently the app is focused on locations in Missouri, USA, but it’s worth checking with your state/country, universities nearby and other agriculture networks to see if there’s something similar available in your area.

You can register for this exciting, groundbreaking app here:

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