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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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John Deere unveils new hay baler range

John Deere unveils new hay baler range

JOHN Deere has alerted the market to its new large square and round hay balers for the 2018 season.

Leading off the new model list are the L331 and L341 large square balers (LSB), featuring a new MegaWide pick-up, with or without pre-cutter.

These models replace the L300 Series, introduced in 2015 and are 100 per cent John Deere-designed, according to the company’s senior marketing representative (hay tools) Travis Roe.

The changes start with a new John Deere feed system that increases overall baler reliability and performance under a wide variety of tough haying conditions to get more crop into the baler.

This includes a 2.2 metre (7.2 foot) MegaWide pick-up with optional 2.5m (8.2ft) – the widest in the industry.

Other features include a new in-line, undershot rotor, heavy-duty roller baffles and gauge wheels, two configurations of pre-cutter (13-knife or 21-knife), drop floor and slide-out tray for easier clean-out.

Another important new option customers can select from is Baler Assist, which allows the operator to move quickly and easily clear plugs without leaving the cab.

For twine tying, there’s a new electronic knotter trip option that improves bale length consistency.

John Deere also has new moisture sensor and bale-weighing options for the large square balers to give operators immediate visibility to crop conditions and bale densities.

According to Mr Roe, the new moisture sensor is 33 per cent more accurate than competitive sensors and provides on-the-go display of hay moisture in the cab.

The bale-weighing system allows flake-by-flake monitoring of bale weight to help the operator create more uniform-sized bales.

The L331 model, which produces a 91.4 centimetre x 91.4cm (3x3ft) bale, and the L341 baler, which makes a 91.4cm x 122cm (3x4ft) bale, can be used for many types of hay and forage crops, and offers improved performance when baling straw.

The new 0 Series four-model round balers feature the industry’s first 1.5m (5ft) pre-cutter baler and the highest capacity Class II and III pre-cutter round balers on the market.

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