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Agricultural Review | December 14, 2017

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Katana (RAC1423) is an  early flowering, premium quality variety  released for specific export markets.  Derived from Kukri, Katana has good  physical grain quality, similar to Yitpi, and  yields similar to Wyalkatchem on average.  Katana has modest rust resistance and is  moderately susceptible to CCN but rated  MR/MS to yellow leaf spot and  powdery mildew. CBH Grain  may contract Katana for export  with possible premiums above  AH1 passed to growers. Seed is available through AGT (Seed  Sharing between farmers is  allowed with conditions).


  • Derived from the varieties Kukri and Tammin
  • Early to mid season maturity
  • Very good grain size and test weight
  • Good yellow leaf spot and powdery mildew resistance
  • Easily distinguished by purple auricles
  • AH quality classification in SA
  • APW quality classification in WA

Plant characteristics

AGT Katana is early maturing , fully awned spring  wheat. AGT Katana reachea anthesis at a similar time to Wyalkatchem, significatly earlier than Magenta, and has a plant height similar to Westonia. AGT Katana, like Magenta, czn be easily distinguished from many other varieties bu the presence of purple auricles ( in the most varieties these are white)

Disease Profile

AGT Katana shows adequate levels of resistance to stripe rust, is moderately susceptible-susceptible to stripe rust, is moderately susceptible-susceptible to stem rust, and is moderately susceptible to leaf rust. AGT Katana is moderately susceptible to yellow leaf spot.

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